Calibration Research Tips: Hyundai/Genesis Driver Parking Assistance System

While searching for information on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on an OEM repair information site, you may come across unique calibration procedures or events. These events can vary by year and model, even within a particular make. As the RTS team has been researching these systems, we have been identifying these atypical circumstances. In order to help you better understand them, we are putting together a series of articles that help with the repair and calibration of ADAS. Let’s take a closer look at Hyundai.

Some Hyundai/Genesis vehicles have an available system called "Driver Parking Assistance."

This system is an ADAS suite made up of a combination of park assist and rear view. The Driver Parking Assistance system uses the ultrasonic park assist sensors in the rear bumper cover and the camera in the deck lid/liftgate tailgate.

Driver Parking Assistance is not a separate, standalone system. It combines the functions of park assist and rear view.

Understanding Hyundai ADAS is important when it comes to diagnosis and calibration. It is important to know that all of these systems are working together to form an ADAS package, while sharing a camera and a radar sensor as inputs. This means that if one of the inputs is not calibrated or it is damaged, it can cause more than one system to become inoperative.

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