Toyota/Lexus: What’s That Wavy Silver Tape?

When repairing or replacing some Toyota or Lexus bumpers you may notice tape stripes with wavy silver lines. Do you need to replace this strip and what is its purpose?

The tape with wavy silver lines is aluminum tape. When researching, Toyota/Lexus may refer to this as molding tape No. 1. It is typically mounted on the backside of the front and rear bumpers.

For example, per the 2023 Toyota Crown New Car Features ➤ Vehicle Exterior ➤ Exterior Panels/Trim ➤ Body Structure ➤ Aerodynamics:

"Aluminum tapes (moulding tape No. 1) are provided on the back of the front bumper extension and rear bumper corner extension. The body and air become positively charged when driving, making it easier for the air to separate from the body. Aluminum tape that effectively discharges the electrical charge of the vehicle is optimally positioned because air separation generates turbulence and prevents aerodynamic effects. As a result, nearby air separation is suppressed, ensuring superior operational stability."

Per the 2023 Toyota Crown Repair Manual under Audio/Visual/Telematics ➤ Park assist/Monitor System ➤ Parking Support Brake System ➤ Precaution:

"Adhere to the following precautions for the blind spot monitor sensor to ensure that the system operates normally... Do not install accessories in the blind spot monitor sensors and the rear bumper near the blind spot monitor sensors and apply any sticker (including a transparent one) and aluminum tape."

The aluminum tape which is found on some Toyota and Lexus bumpers should be replaced if removed. The correct part number can also be found in the body repair manual listed as moulding tape No. 1. Always be sure to reference the vehicle-specific repair manual prior to performing any repairs.

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