Where Do I Find Other Types Of Information In Toyota/Lexus?

Navigating OEM websites can be challenging when searching for collision repair procedures, especially as no two OEM websites are alike. What happens when you need to find other types of repair information, such as, "What needs to be inspected after a supplemental restraints system (SRS) deployment?", or "Does the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) require a scan tool or specialty tool?" Let's take a closer look at the Toyota/Lexus website.

Figure 1 - Toyota Category Search.

If you haven't already, go the techinfo.toyota.com website and get yourself a subscription. After entering the year/make/model in the search dropdowns under TIS, you have the option of either searching by Service Category (see Figure 1), Keyword, or by completing a broad search by simply leaving the features on the right alone and clicking Search.

Figure 2 - Toyota Menu.

The broad search will yield a summary page of information per category. The individual categories also have convenient tabs across the page (see Figure 2).

  • SB/TT = Service Bulletin/Tech Tips
  • QTG = Quick Training Guides
  • RM = Repair Manuals
  • EWD = Electrical Wiring Diagrams
  • NCF = New Car Feature
  • SC = Service Campaign
  • ACCY = Accessory Documentation
  • CR = Collision Repair

For example, if you are looking for information on the blind spot system, you can do a keyword search for "blind spot". The system will automatically default to the summary page search results. You then have the option scrolling through the summary page or going to the RM tab for the information.

Always refer to Toyota/Lexus service information for the most up-to-date CRIB information.

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