Nissan Position Statement: ARIYA Bumper Refinishing Requirements

Nissan has released a collision position statement providing guidelines for refinishing the Nissan ARIYA bumper cover.

In the ARIYA Bumper Refinishing Requirements position statement, Nissan provides recommendations relating to bumper repair and refinishing considerations for the ARIYA. To avoid the interference of radar zones, Nissan states:

  • "Repair materials (such as putties or fillers) may not be added to the original bumper in the side radar zones. Repairs in this area will require replacement..."
  • Nissan allows only one refinish operation to be performed on a new replacement bumper and cautions to avoid excessive paint thickness.

A chart is provided that has approved paint product lines for each color code when refinishing bumpers.

Nissan requires a post-repair diagnostic system scan after repairs are completed. Making repairs on bumper covers with sensors may cause the sensors to not function properly. Always be sure to reference the vehicle-specific body repair manual and other documents prior to performing any repairs.

The document is available via the RTS portal ➤ Nissan OEM Information page ➤ Nissan Position Statements icon.

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