Print That

Does this sound familiar? You're researching online and find the documentation, article, or procedure you were looking for and now all you need to do is print.

You go to File menu and select Print. Then you get a phone call. You don't get to the printer right away and end up closing the website. At some point it hits you "I printed something." You get to the printer to find it didn't print exactly what you wanted. Not to mention the wasted ink because of unwanted advertisements and other website information that printed.

There's a better way.

Many websites, including the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) Portal, have a print button. It may be the word Print, a picture of a printer, or both. Simply click this button and a new window will open up to a reformatted page with all unnecessary information removed. You will still need to go to the File menu and select Print. It's always a good idea to verify everything printed before leaving the web page.

When it comes to the RTS website, you will find this button on most pages including this article near the top of the page. Take a look for yourself.