Back-To-Basics: It May Take More Than One Procedure

One of the many functions of the Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team is to assist the collision repair industry with understanding repair procedures. The team often receives questions such as, "Does this part need to be removed?"

Many OEMs provide a list of what parts need to be removed, or what additional procedures need to be performed before or after a certain procedure. Sometimes they are hyperlinked within the procedure itself.

Anytime you replace a quarter panel, for example, make sure to remove any other parts specified in the procedure, like the bumper cover, adjacent panels, one-time use parts, or outer trim panels. If the procedure does not automatically link you to the other procedures for parts needing removal, you will need to find each individual procedure in the body repair manual (BRM).

It is also very important to find information on corrosion protection, fastener specifications, adhesives, and seam sealers that are required in the replacement procedure. This information is not always found in the panel replacement procedure and may need to be researched separately.

Being diligent with reading and understanding the procedure, including any additional procedures, is vital to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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