Does A Website Seem Hard To Read In Internet Explorer? UPDATE

Figure 1 Top is with compatibility mode turned on and the bottom is with compatibility mode turned off.

I-CAR published this article to help with an issue due to compatibility mode on internet explorer, we have now added a video based on customer feedback below.

If a website seems to be broken, the problem often times is a browser setting on your computer called compatibility mode. This is a tool that Internet Explorer has so that older websites will still display correctly, the only problem is that it will also cause the newer websites to display in an almost unreadable way. It is common for Internet Explorer to have compatibility mode set to "Display All Websites In Compatibility Mode". If this is the case then some of the websites you visit will not display correctly.

Figure 2 Look for tools in the menu bar.Figure 2 Look for tools in the menu bar.

Depending on which version of Internet Explorer you have you may be able to click on the torn page at the top of the menu bar (see Figure 1). Typically the torn page icon will appear blue when compatibility is on. Even when it doesn't look blue if a webpage seems to be garbled this should be one of the first things you click and see what happens. Another way to turn compatibility mode on and off is to go into tools dropdown menu (see Figure 2) and turn off compatibility mode or "Display All Websites In Compatibility Mode".

This simple tip can save you time and a lot of frustration.

Changing Compatiblity Mode