One-Time-Use Parts And Fasteners: Tesla

What is a one-time-use part, and how do you determine if a fastener, clip, or part can be reused? These are questions that we are confronted with in the collision industry quite a lot. The other big question is "Where do I find this information?"

As the Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team researches OEMs for one-time-use fastener/part information, we are putting together a series of articles on how and where to locate this information for specific OEMs. Let’s take a look at Tesla.

Tesla provides information on fasteners in a vehicle-specific Collision Repair Procedures ➤ General Repair Guidelines ➤ Repair Guidelines For Parts, Fasteners, And Structural Adhesives.

Tesla states:

  • "Fasteners that have been worn, broken, or deformed during a collision, as well as any one-time use fasteners that are removed during the repair, must be replaced with OEM or Tesla-approved fasteners. Each structural collision repair is developed and tested using OEM parts and Tesla-approved fasteners, including rivets, screws, bolts, and all other fasteners..."
  • Tesla provides information on specific fasteners such as rivets and SPRs. Also the tools needed to install those fasteners are found in Approved Parts, Tools, And Supplies ➤ Approved Fasteners And Fastener Tools for Structural Repairs.

Following OEM procedures, including the identification and use of one-time-use fasteners/parts, is important in order to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Tesla information, check out the Tesla OEM Information page.

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