Repairer Driven News: 2022 Honda Civic

Repairer Driven News (RDN) released an article highlighting some of the changes to the Honda Civic for 2022 and comparing them to the previous model year.

The article is based on the 2022 Civic Body Repair News bulletin that was released in June 2021. Changes to the 2022 Civic include:

  • Aluminum hood
  • Composite radiator core support (front bulkhead)
  • Inner and outer door stiffener rings with two layers of 1,500 MPa steel
  • 2-piece rear rail
  • Laser-welded roof (laser brazed)
  • Outer quarter panel with rolled hem flange

Visit Repair Driven News for the full Aluminum Hood, 2-Piece Rear Rails Among Changes to 2022 Honda Civic article.

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