Honda Has Released the 2022 Civic Body Repair News Bulletin

Honda has a Body Repair News bulletin for the 2022 Honda Civic. This bulletin provides relevant repair information at-a-glance.

The 2022 Civic Model Series: New Body Repair Information document gives an overview of repair procedure techniques, body construction, and technology. The bulletin also goes in depth about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on this vehicle.

Honda has removed the millimeter wave radar from the 2022 Civic. The vehicle uses only a forward-facing camera (Multipurpose Camera Unit). The camera is calibrated statically or dynamically depending on what the repair facility allows, or weather and traffic conditions. More information about Multipurpose Camera calibration is found in the service manual.

A new style of blind spot sensor is used on this vehicle; and these sensors do not require a conventional "BSI Radar Unit Aiming Inspection" procedure. The blind spot sensors self-learn while the vehicle is driven over 19 mph. The "learning status" must be completed using the i-HDS (Honda-specific scan tool) after certain procedures are done. Specific procedures are found in the Body Repair News bulletin and the service manual.

Another piece of important information that Honda gives in this document is bumper cover repair in the area of the blind spot sensors.

Per the Honda Body Repair News, 2022 Civic Model Series: New Body Repair Information: "The radar waves passing through the rear bumper are more affected by the type and location of the repair. Cracks or dents within the radar wave emission range cannot be repaired and will require bumper replacement. Scratches inside or extending into the radar wave emission range will require the whole area to be painted and polished."

Honda provides a printable template to attach to the bumper cover to show where the radar wave emission area is. This allows technicians to see if repairs are interfering with the operation of the blind spot sensors and ultimately help determine if the bumper can be repaired or will require replacement.

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