Calibration Research Tips: Subaru EyeSight - UPDATE

While searching for information on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on an OEM repair information site, you may come across unique calibration procedures or events. These events can vary by year and model, even within a particular make. As the RTS team has been researching these systems, we have been identifying these atypical circumstances. In order to help you better understand them, we are putting together a series of articles that help with the repair and calibration of ADAS. Let's look at where to find the Subaru EyeSight calibration information.

Subaru EyeSight (also known as the stereo camera) is a camera-based driver assistance system. A vehicle with EyeSight could have a collision warning/braking system, automatic throttle management, adaptive cruise control, or it may also be tied to the lane keep assist and lane departure warning system.

Calibration requirements for vehicles equipped with EyeSight can be found in the Service Diagnostic manuals under Body & Electrical/Wiring System and Diagnostics. EyeSight calibration is required:

  • If camera is removed/installed or replaced
  • If suspension-related components are removed/installed or replaced
  • If wheel alignment is performed
  • If windshield is removed/installed or replaced

Another important calibration requirement that Subaru specifies in vehicle-specific Service Diagnostic Manuals is: "Stereo camera axis may be displaced even in a minor collision. Even if the EyeSight warning light is not illuminated, or the (Stereo Camera Temporary Stop) is not displayed on the multi-information display, adjust the stereo camera."

It is necessary to follow all EyeSight procedures and specifications in order to keep the system operating correctly. If the camera is not working properly, it could greatly affect the safety of the passengers.

It is important to always follow OEM procedures for repairs and calibration. Finding this information quickly and efficiently contributes to a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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