Repairer Driven News: GM Updates Repair And Inspection Document

Repairer Driven News (RDN) released an article on General Motors (GM) post-crash inspections and repair requirements document.

The article goes in depth on the Repairs And Inspections Required After A Collision # 5807146 document which is available at and quotes GM wholesale dealer channel collision manager John Eck stating: "This document replaces the old document that we had".

The article states that the information in the document is incorporated within individual repair procedures for 2021-2022 vehicles and would be included in repair procedures for all future vehicles. In addition, Eck said the document also exists and serves as a standalone GM directive "for all GM vehicles … past, current and going forward."

The new document is mostly in what Eck called a "grid-type format". There are mandatory inspections for seats belts after any collision, and inspections/replacement requirements for other parts such as steering wheel, airbags, brake pedal, and steering column.

The criteria for when these inspections/replacements are required is outlined in the charts, with one category being Exceeds Minor Outer Body Panel Cosmetic Distortion without Airbag Deployment. Eck details the definition of "minor" per GM.

In addition, the article addresses scanning and calibration rules and the work and resources that went in to creating the updated document.

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