SkillsUSA Competition Is Happening In 2021

With so many events and activities being cancelled due to Covid-19, you may not know it, but the national SkillsUSA is still happening this year. This event will be in a virtual format. It's been an amazing journey to see how the industry has come together to make this happen.

This year the Collision Repair Technology committee had to find proctors for every competitor, plan and execute the logistics to send parts and materials for each competitor, and devise a way to virtually document and grade all the work done during the competition.

This was no easy task, and it took the commitment of many people and organizations volunteering their time and resources to make it all happen. I-CAR played a role in making this unprecedented virtual event a reality. From I-CAR instructors and volunteers serving as proctors for the competition, to donating materials for the attachment methods area of the competition. I-CAR even covered the shipping costs and handled the distribution of all of the competition kits for each competitor.

To have so many from the industry come together to make this competition happen this year is incredible. SkillsUSA competition is an invaluable resource for those who have excelled and is an amazing opportunity for them to demonstrate the talents and skills they have.

This year’s national competition is being held on 06/10/2021 and we will bring you updates on results of the top performers.