I-CAR SRS Repairability Summit - SRS Inspection Feedback Form

I-CAR recently held a repairability summit on supplemental restraints systems (SRS) inspections. In attendance were representatives from OEMs, information providers, collision repair facilities, and insurers.

A repairability summit is a gathering of each segment of the industry that has expertise on a particular technical subject. These groups are encouraged and allowed to speak freely, but respectfully, about a specific issue or topic. The purpose of a repairability summit is to come to an industry-wide agreement on the subject at hand that can then become an agreed-on, industry vetted "best practice".

The SRS summit was an open discussion about how, when, and why SRS inspections are performed. One of the outcomes was having a central location where details of SRS inspections can be sent. The purpose of collecting this information is to achieve a knowledge base of the circumstances under which the SRS inspections were performed (this includes all inspections that OEMs recommend or require after a collision) and the results of those inspections.

The information that the industry provides will find its way into I-CAR courses, RTS articles, direct feedback to the OEMs, and future improvements to OEM inspection information and processes. The more information that can be provided by the industry, the clearer the picture will become of what is and is not being found during these inspections. The I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) team has taken on that task and you can submit your SRS Inspection Feedback Form by clicking the link or the button.

SRS Inspection Feedback Form