I-CAR Collision Reporter - The Electrification Issue

The fifteenth installment of the I-CAR Collision Reporter - The Electrification Issue has been released. This issue focuses on electric vehicles (EVs) and how they are here to stay a part of the industry.

In this edition, you will find an article that discusses key things to consider to ready your facility for the inevitable influx of EVs.

Other items covered in this issue:

  • Creating a dedicated EV collision repair center
  • A comprehensive list of current and not-to-distant EVs that will be on the road
  • Definitions to common acronyms and terms for EVs

In addition, there is a panel discussion with three of I-CARs leading experts to discuss various topics related to EVs. The article also includes a video link to the panel discussion.

For more information on this issue and to access prior editions, check out the I-CAR Collision Reporter webpage.

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