I-CAR RTS Airbag And Restraints System Technology Webinar

I-CAR RTS has created a webinar on supplemental restraints systems (SRS). The webinar is a comprehensive look at vehicle SRS systems, how they work, and details and cautions that are important to know when servicing these systems.

In this video, now available on the RTS website, Bud Center and Scott VanHulle discuss:

  • Wiring and connector repair on SRS, and how the ability to do so can vary between OEMs
  • Occupant classification system (OCS) calibration requirements
  • Pop-up roll bars and technician safety

In addition, Dirk Fuchs and Jeff Poole discuss specific components of SRS and cover the following:

  • Piezoelectric sensors
  • Accelerometer sensors
  • How corrosion can affect SRS
  • Inspection of wiring and connectors after deployment
  • SRS electronic control unit (ECU) replacement requirements
  • OCS sensor types and how they function
  • Why and when OCS calibration may be required
  • Pop-up roll bars function and design

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