Volkswagen: Who Requires Or Recommends MIG Brazing?

In Europe, MIG brazing has been required or recommended on a widespread basis for several years. In the U.S., MIG brazing is not as common but is becoming more prevalent. As the RTS team is researching MIG brazing information, we are putting together a series of articles that identify OEM-specific MIG brazing recommendations and requirements for vehicles in the U.S. Let’s see what Volkswagen has to say.

MIG brazing information is in the Body Repair, Body Collision Repair manual, as well as the vehicle-specific body repair manual (BRM). Here you can find Replacement Joining Procedures In Repair charts (for both steel and aluminum) that explains where MIG brazing should be used.

For example, the manual specifies that where "laser soldering" is used on steel from the factory, MIG soldering (brazing), bonding, or MAG welding should be used in the repair. However, the Body Repair, Body Collision Repair manual states that MIG brazing is not used in the repair of aluminum parts which were brazed from factory. The chart specifies to pay attention to welding information in the vehicle-specific repair manuals.

In the vehicle-specific BRMs, Volkswagen typically specifies replacing factory MIG soldering with MIG soldering (MIG brazing). Per Volkswagen body repair manuals: " 'Original joint' refers to a connection that was created by the vehicle manufacturer. These connections should be reconstructed when performing body repairs."

It is important to note that MIG brazing should only be used where indicated in a vehicle-specific repair manual or where specified by the OEM to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Volkswagen information, check out the Volkswagen OEM Information page.

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