I-CAR Introduction To Electric Vehicles Course

I-CAR is currently developing numerous electric vehicle courses. One of these is the Introduction To Electric Vehicles course. This course starts with the basics of electric vehicles (EVs) and provides detailed information on various aspects of these increasingly popular vehicles.

The course covers the main types of EVs and highlights their similarities along with their differences. This includes gaining familiarity with vehicle operation and what to expect when moving an electric vehicle.

The type of EVs highlighted are:

  • Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
  • Battery electric vehicle

The course walks you through the major components that make up an EV system and provides details on the following:

  • High-voltage battery
  • Battery charger
  • Power electronics controller
  • Power converter
  • Motor
  • Transmission

The course also provides information on warning indicators. This includes specifics on malfunction indicator lights (MILs) and instrument panel or infotainment indicators that are unique to EVs.

In addition, other indicators of issues with an EV system are highlighted. These indicators have less to do with the vehicle and more to do with the technician and what they see, hear, and smell. The course outlines what to be on the lookout for to indicate signs of trouble with an EV.

These are just a few examples what you will find in the I-CAR Introduction To Electric Vehicles course.

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