Where Do I Find Other Types Of Information In Mitsubishi?

Navigating OEM websites can be challenging when searching for collision repair procedures, especially as no two OEM websites are alike. What happens when you need to find other types of repair information, such as, "What needs to be inspected after a supplemental restraints system (SRS) deployment?", or "Does the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) require a scan tool or specialty tool?" Let’s take a closer look at the Mitsubishi website.

Go to the Mitsubishi website at www.mitsubishitechinfo.com. If you haven’t already, you will need to register for a username and password and then purchase a subscription.

After logging in, click on the Service Information link at the top of the page. A new page will load where you will need to click the link that says click here to begin a Service Information Search. You can then enter either a VIN or the year and model of the vehicle you are working on. Once the information is entered, click on the service manual button. Click the link View the Table of Contents for the Service Manual.

The service manual has many categories within it. Some examples of what you might find are:

  • Wheel and tire information
  • Interior and exterior electrical information
  • Maintenance procedures

You can also search all documents on the Mitsubishi website by using the Global Search link on the log in page. Here are a few examples of what the search results will show you:

  • Technical bulletins
  • Recalls
  • Articles

For additional Mitsubishi information, check out the Mitsubishi OEM information page.

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