Calibration Research Tips: Honda/Acura Rear View Cameras

While searching for information on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on an OEM repair information site, you may come across unique calibration procedures or events. These events can vary by year and model, even within a particular make. As the RTS team has been researching these systems, we have been identifying these atypical circumstances. In order to help you better understand them, we are putting together a series of articles that help with the repair and calibration of ADAS. Let’s take a closer look at the Honda/Acura rear view cameras.

When searching the Honda/Acura service site for rear view cameras, there are a few things you need to know to determine if calibration is required:

  • Acura has a 360 Camera view system called, “Muti View Camera System”
    • This 360 view system allows the driver to view all the surroundings of the vehicle using four cameras. These cameras all require calibration after certain procedures are performed during the repair process. Per our contact at Honda, “Cameras can be calibrated in quadrants. You do not need to aim all 4 unless you have created an event for each camera. Each camera must be calibrated independently and then there is a procedure called Multi View Camera Picture Inspection where you check to see the alignment between all four cameras.” See the Acura Job Aid and the model specific service manual for Aiming Driving Support Systems for all calibration events.
  • Honda models currently do NOT have a 360 Camera View System
    • Hondas may be equipped with a rear view only camera (Multi-View Rear Camera).
    • The service information and the Honda Job Aid for Aiming Driving Support Systems does not specify a 360 system for any Honda vehicle. To be clear, currently, 360 Multi View does not exist in Honda – Only Acura.
  • Honda and Acura both can have a rear view only camera
    • This stand-alone camera is called the Multi-View Rear Camera. According to Honda/Acura Owner’s Manuals, the Multi-View Rear Camera will, “display your vehicle’s rear view. The display automatically changes to the rear view when the transmission is put into reverse”.
    • The Multi-View Rear Camera can display the rear image in one of three ways. Wide View Mode, Normal View Mode, and Top Down View Mode.
    • This camera is available on vehicles with a dash screen display. Although the rear view camera name (Multi-View Rear Camera) is very similar to the 360 system name (Multi View Camera System), this stand-alone camera is only for viewing behind the vehicle while it is in reverse.

A rear view only camera typically does not require calibration. However, if the rear view camera is part of the 360 system, it does require calibration after certain events.

It is important to always follow OEM procedures for repairs and calibration. Finding this information quickly and efficiently contributes to a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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