Repairing Blind Spot Sensor Mounting Locations

As part of the research conducted by the I-CAR RTS team for the OEM Calibration Requirements Search, we found that some OEMs provided measurements for blind spot sensor mounting locations. When this mounting location information was found, we published articles highlighting the information and where to locate it for that specific OEM.

When performing repairs, having measurements is a way to ensure the vehicle is repaired correctly. However, measurements are not always given for body panels. This typically isn’t a problem, until there are advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) involved, such as blind spot sensors. When mounting blind spot sensors on body panels, it can be crucial to have the mounting location straightened to the correct measurement. Some OEMs not only give measurements, but may also provide alternative measuring methods to identify that the sensor is looking in the right direction.

As ADAS continues to become available and standard on more vehicles, we will continue to research for new information regarding blind spot sensor mounting location measurements. Knowing these specifications and following OEM procedures will help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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