Calibration Research Tips: Nissan/INFINITI Action Tests

While searching for information on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on an OEM repair information site, you may come across unique calibration procedures or events. These events can vary by year and model, even within a particular make. As the RTS team has been researching these systems, we have been identifying these atypical circumstances. In order to help you better understand them, we are putting together a series of articles that help with the repair and calibration of ADAS. Let’s take a closer look at Nissan/INFINITI action tests.

Nissan/INFINITI vehicles will often require calibration after ADAS repairs are performed. Some repairs may not require calibration, however, that does not always mean that the work is complete for that system.

After repairs, or removal of some ADAS sensors, Nissan/INFINITI requires action tests to be completed. These are not calibrations, but as the name implies, specific tests that must be performed to verify proper operation of a system.

Nissan/INFINITI electronic service manual searchFigure 1

Action tests are typically found in the Basic Inspection area of Nissan/INFINITI electronic service manuals. Depending on the specific manual, these action tests may be consolidated in one area or may be located throughout the manual under specific systems. In addition, newer manuals tend to have a separate tab for Trouble Diagnosis (see Figure 1). In this case, the action tests will typically be in this specific area of the Electronic Service Manual. Regardless of the manual, there is always an option to do a search for action tests in the Title Search box.

Action tests do not replace calibrations or diagnosis of system errors. They are there for verifying the proper operation of ADAS after any applicable calibration or diagnostics are performed to help to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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