Understanding The Side View System

A key part of being able to diagnose a problem with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is understanding how the system works. Knowing what is happening inside the system will help you properly diagnose why the system may be failing. This will prevent replacing parts that are not causing the system issue. Let’s take a look at the inner workings of a side view system.

The side view system allows the driver to view what is in the vehicles blind spot. This system uses cameras in the side mirrors to provide a live feed. Some vehicles may have just one side camera that is typically on the passenger side. This system does not just operate while in reverse, it is also used while the vehicle is being driven in order to view blind spots before lane changes and turning.

The driver of the vehicle may activate the side view by clicking a button or simply by the use of the turn signal when changing lanes. The live feed from the camera is relayed to the screen (location of screen may vary by model) where it can be seen by the driver.

Understanding how the system functions can shorten diagnostic times. Knowing what part of the system to test will help prevent installing parts that don’t actually fix the problem.

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