Repairer Driven News: Hyundai To Incorporate Smart Cruise Control In Future Vehicles

Hyundai recently announced its plans to introduce a new artificial intelligence (AI) based cruise control system to future vehicles. This will better match the adaptive cruise control system to individual driving style.

Hyundai stated the system would learn the driver’s habits and drive in an identical pattern as the driver. They went on to state, “It was impossible to meticulously fine-tune the settings to accommodate the (driver’s) individual preferences without machine learning technology."

This ability to duplicate a driver’s style will make the adaptive cruise control feel more natural and reduce the reluctance to use it. The system will use familiar advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) components, such as a front camera and radar.

The increased complexity of adding AI to ADAS increases the need for proper repairs and calibration. This will ensure that the vehicle will drive as both Hyundai and the owner expects it to.

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