GMC Sierra CarbonPro Box Repair Options

Carbon fiber has been used in the automotive industry for some time now. Its strong and light weight properties made it a commonly used material for exotic vehicles. Due to the unique properties of carbon fiber, GMC has decided to utilize the material in an optional pickup truck box. This optional box will be available on select late 2019 and 2020 GMC light duty pickups. So, what does this mean for repairers?

There are no repairs allowed on the carbon fiber box itself if it is damaged. However, there are various parts that are bolted or adhered to the box that are serviceable. More information about what parts are serviceable is available in the video below. GMC has a specific adhesive that must be used in order to replace the pieces adhered to the box. This adhesive kit, made by Plexus, is only available online.

The link to be able to purchase the kit can also be found in the body repair manual on the ACDelco website.

  • After accessing the vehicle-specific manual,
  • Click Body Repair.
  • Click Collision Repair.
  • Click Description and Operation.
  • Click CarbonPro Box.
  • Click the link at the bottom of the page that reads GM CarbonPro Adhesive Plexus Kit.

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