OEM Glass Replacement Page: UPDATE

The I-CAR RTS OEM Glass Replacement page has gathered information from vehicle makers on stationary glass replacement and approved products for their vehicles into one location to help ensure complete, safe, and quality repairs.

Since the launch in 2017, there have been some significant changes in vehicle systems that impact windshield replacement procedures.

Many windshields are now equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), such as cameras, rain sensors, light sensors, etc. This may impact if a windshield can be repaired, or if it must be replaced. Head-up display (HUD) is becoming increasingly popular in vehicles, and may require calibration after a windshield replacement, or in some cases a windshield designed specifically for head-up display to function properly.

Light and rain sensors are more commonplace and may require light sensitivity calibration. Some are one-time use only, and must be replaced after removal, while others may only require new sensor tape for reuse.

Always refer to vehicle-specific OEM repair procedures for the complete replacement and calibration requirements. With these changes in mind, we have updated our OEM glass replacement page to include new or updated information for vehicles through the 2021 model year.

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