Controlling Static In The Refinish Process

Zap! We have all experienced a static electric discharge at one time or another when touching door knob or some other metal surface. This static electricity can also have a negative impact in the refinish process.

Materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics, composites, and metallic paints can be affected by static electricity during the refinish process. Static can cause problems with paint adhesion. Static can affect metallic paint jobs, by not allowing the metallics to lay out as intended or can cause them to cluster together, also called mottling. This may ultimately have an effect on the flip or flop and can give an appearance of color match issues.

Keep in mind that static can pull debris onto the surface of the part being refinished, causing more rework in the end. It is important to learn the needed steps to prevent/limit static and how static can negatively impact the refinish process.

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