ADAS, And Autonomous Vehicles - The Cars Of The Future

2020 Lexus LS500h Autonomous Research Vehicle

Automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are well known and are frequently discussed. These systems bring safety advancements that are unprecedented, and until recently, were just the subject of science fiction.

Now, there are over 60 million vehicles in the United States that have ADAS. That number keeps growing as these systems that were once only for high end models are now being used in entry level vehicles.

These systems bring added safety and security to daily driving, but they are also doing far more than that. Many of these systems allow the vehicle to make driving adjustments for you. Steering, braking, and accelerating can be performed by the vehicle in certain situations. It is these types of automation that is laying the ground work for the cars of the future, fully autonomous vehicles. had a two-part series on the vehicle of the future and how ADAS is the building blocks on which full automation will be built. To read more, visit the links below.

Vehicles of the Future Part 1

Vehicles of the Future Part 2

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