OEM Linking Pin: 2018 Acura MDX Side Curtain Airbag Bolts

As part of the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) OEM linking pin activity, we are helping to connect the collision repair industry to the vehicle makers. Recently, we had a technical inquiry that asked for clarification on the bolt part number for the side curtain airbag on a 2018 Acura MDX.

On this vehicle the side curtain airbag bolts are labeled as “Replace” once removed. The bolts are labeled “A” and “B” within the remove/install procedure. The difference between the bolts appeared to be length, but when the replacement part arrived, it did not match what was taken out of the vehicle. Per our contact at Honda: “We have updated the part number for the side curtain airbag bolt “B” on the MDX: P/N 78870-TZ5-A84.” It is important to research repair information in all aspects of the repair, not just sectioning locations to allow for complete, safe, and quality repairs.

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