Cadillac Unveils the CT5 for 2020

Cadillac is releasing a new sedan with a substantial amount of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The CT5 is equipped with many of the systems that you would expect to see in a luxury car, along with some new improvements not yet seen before in the market.

The biggest ADAS feature to take note of is Cadillac’s Super Cruise feature. This feature is only available on specific models, which is a hands-free driver assistance system that’s only to be used on limited-access freeways. Standard ADAS on the CT5 includes safety alert seat, rear view camera with tilt and zoom, forward collision alert, and low speed forward automatic emergency braking for collisions and pedestrians. Other available ADAS include adaptive cruise control, forward automatic emergency braking, automatic park assist, 360 camera, rear pedestrian detection, and reverse automatic breaking.

The CT5 comes with two different engine options, a 2.0 twin turbo, or a 3.0 twin turbo V-6 engine. Both of these options come with an active fuel management system which deactivate cylinders, and a start/stop feature for fuel efficiency. To learn more about the CT5, visit the Cadillac Pressroom website at:

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