FCA/Stellantis: Aluminum Body Panel Corrosion Repair

Weight-saving aluminum is being used more and more on vehicles to aid in fuel economy. There has been a learning curve for collision technicians to be able to adapt to repairing aluminum. Also, with aluminum comes a form of oxidation that typically appears near the panel flanges. FCA/Stellantis addresses this issue and how to fix it in a recently released Collision Bulletin.

The models included are listed in the bulletin. Prior to the bulletin, bolt-on aluminum panels with corrosion required replacement. Now, repair facilities are directed to repair bolt-on aluminum panels. If the part is determined to be salvageable after sanding, a procedure is then outlined for how to proceed with the repair. A key step in the procedure, is using the Mopar Anti-Corrosion Pen in the repair areas. If this step is skipped it can lead to a failed repair. Check out the complete FCA/Stellantis Collision Bulletin on Aluminum Corrosion.

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