OEM Linking Pin: Buick LaCrosse Outer Quarter Panel Sectioning

As part of the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) OEM linking pin activity, we are helping to connect the collision repair industry to the vehicle makers. Recently we had a technical inquiry that asked, about a procedure on a Buick Lacrosse.

Their inquiry asked, "We need to replace the right outer quarter panel and also the outer wheelhouse (inner quarter panel). The inner quarter panel goes above the sectioning location for the outer quarter panel by roughly 8 inches. Can the outer panel quarter panel be sectioned up further from the sectioning location instead of replacing the complete uniside assembly? Or is there an option to section the inner quarter panel?" We reached out to GM for clarification.

As it turns out, this procedure can be done if necessary. Per our contact at GM: "They can perform this cut… if possible they should go for Stitch-MIG-Brazing, to minimize heat." Also note that the roof would require removal in order to section the outer quarter panel in this location.

What This Does NOT Mean

This does NOT mean that the same can be applied to other areas of this vehicle or any other GM vehicles.

What This Means

This means the outer quarter panel on the 2016 Buick LaCrosse can be sectioned in a location that allows replacement of the inner quarter panel at a factory seam.

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