Volvo Position Statement: Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning

One of the position statements Volvo released covers the subject of pre- and post-repair scanning. As with many other OEMs who have released similar position statements, Volvo’s statement explains when to scan, what vehicles require scanning, and information that supports their position.

Volvo states in their Statement on Pre/Post Scanning that all vehicles from model year 1996 and newer, that were involved in a collision, require pre- and post-repair system scanning. Volvo list examples of events that would make scanning necessary:

  • “Windshield replacements (due to cameras and sensors located on the glass)
  • Removal and/or replacement of bumpers, SRS sensors, PDC sensors, exterior mirrors, autonomous drive sensors and cameras, headlights, computer-aided drivetrain, wiring harnesses, vehicle control units, seats, or interior trim panels
  • Disconnected/drained batteries”

You can view Volvo position statements on the RTS website.

For additioal Volvo information, check out the Volvo OEM Information page.

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