2019 Mazda MAZDA3 Uses Industry First Steel

The 2019 MAZDA3 has been fully redesigned. Along with the redesign comes some new construction highlights for Mazda and for the entire industry. The 2019 model features more steel over 980MPa than the previous generation.

The 2019 MAZDA3 utilizes an industry first 1310 MPa cold formed steel. This is the first usage of steel with that high of strength that is also cold formed. Previously, 1180MPa was the highest MPa that could be cold stamped.

Increases in strength to Mazda’s SKYACTIV body are significant. The previous generation of the structure was only 3% ultra-high strength steel with an MPa above 980. The new generation has 30% of the steel being over 980 MPa. Repairer Driven News has more information on the construction of the MAZDA3.