Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Toyota/Lexus

Spot And Plug Weld Nugget Size: Toyota/Lexus

Did you know that many OEMs specify nugget size for spot and plug welds? This information is typically found within vehicle-specific repair procedures or can be found under general welding guidelines. Let’s see what Toyota/Lexus has to say.

Toyota/Lexus provides their welding requirements in one central location in each vehicle-specific body repair manual (BRM). Once you have logged into the subscription website and entered the vehicle information, you will:

  1. Click on the CR (Collision Repair) tab.
  2. Click on 6. Introduction: Work Notices and Precautions: Precautions For Welding.

This page is broken down into numerous sections. You will want to scroll down and review the Welding Work section that highlights what to do when welding two or more steel panels together, including ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS). This area will specify the type of welding wire and shielding gas to be used.

The spot welding area also:

  • specifies the number of spot welds to be "More than 1.3x the number of welds made by the manufacturer".
  • states to "Avoid welding over previously welded areas".

Toyota/Lexus also provides the additional clarification in their Collision Repair Information Bulletin (CRIB) #181 - Welding Specifications & Substitutions: "STRSW may be substituted for GMAW/MIG plug welds, however, STRSW substitutions should match factory weld size, strength and appearance."

The Making Holes For Plug Welding section:

  • states "For areas where a spot welder cannot be used, use a puncher or drill to make holes for plug welding".
  • also provides a chart that identifies the diameter size of the plug weld hole, based on the panel thickness to be welded.

Follow OEM welding requirements, including what nugget size is required, to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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