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Is A Spot Welder A Required Tool?

Is A Spot Welder A Required Tool?

If you are working on a late model vehicle you're most likely going to run into high-strength steel and that will affect the attachment method that will be required. Let's take a look at what some of vehicle makers have to say on spot welding.

Most of today's HSS & UHSS intensive vehicles have a recommendation or requirement for spot welding. Here are a few links to the documents outlining some of the vehicle maker requirements for spot welding:

Most vehicle makers prefer the use of squeeze resistant spot welding (STRSW) for panel attachment due to the use of HSS & UHSS in today’s vehicles. The number of OEMs that allow conventional GMA (MIG) welding on advanced vehicle structures will continue to decrease for many panel attachment applications. GMA (MIG) welding will most likely continue to be used for sectioning, where allowed.