Hyundai Releases Position Statements

Hyundai Releases Position Statements

Hyundai released two position statements this week relating to collision repair. Let’s take a look at what these statements are about.

Following suit with many other OEMs, Hyundai posted a position statement on pre-repair and post-repair scanning. In the statement Hyundai says, “Hyundai Motors America’s recommends conducting a pre-repair scan as appropriate to ensure safe and accurate repairs and that all vehicles receive a post-repair scan to ensure all systems and components are functioning, calibrated and communicating properly with no diagnostic trouble codes present.” The full Hyundai position statement on scanning can be viewed on at the RTS website.

The subject of the other statement is steel and aluminum wheels. Per the Hyundai position statement “Hyundai only recognizes steel or aluminum wheel repair that is limited to surface treatment that restores cosmetic appearance of the finish coating.” This Hyundai position statement on wheels can also be viewed on the RTS website.

Both of these statements can also be found under the Hyundai OEM Information tab.

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