Hyundai/Genesis Releases Additional Body Repair Manuals: UPDATE

Hyundai Motor America updated their approved body repair manuals (BRMs) available to the United States market. This includes both Hyundai and Genesis branded BRMs.

Originally, the RTS team announced on July 14, 2020, the availability of vehicle-specific Hyundai BRMs, which had not been previously available. Presently, the availability of BRMs includes most late model Hyundai/Genesis vehicles. Some vehicle-specific Genesis BRMs may only be located by searching the VIN.

Per our contact at Hyundai/Genesis, only the body repair manuals currently listed on the tech info websites are approved for the US market.

Since Hyundai/Genesis offers BRMs for the majority of their current vehicle offerings, the separate Ask I-CAR form, and the list of models which were available are no longer necessary. You can now use the standard Ask I-CAR for all your inquiries.

For additional Hyundai information, check out the Hyundai OEM Information page.

For additional Genesis information, check out the Genesis OEM Information page.

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