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How to Find Toyota/Lexus CRIBs

How to Find Toyota/Lexus CRIBs

Toyota/Lexus/Scion has documents called CRIBs or Collision Repair Information Bulletin that contain a lot of information that collision repair industry needs to know. Until recently, much of this information could be found on the Toyota Collision Repair Training webpage. Now, you will need to have a subscription to Toyota Technical Information System (TIS) in order to access these documents.

To reach all of the available CRIBs, you must first access your TIS subscription. From the search boxes select only the make (Toyota/Lexus/Scion) that you are interested in. DO NOT enter any other information besides a keyword. (If you for example, select a model and year you will not find all of the CRIBs.) Then enter “CRIB” in the keyword and click search. If you then click the CR tab 25 CRIBs will be listed there. You can then scroll down and click next to cycle through all of the CIBS.

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