Ford On Target: 2017 Volume 2

Ford On Target: 2017 Volume 2

Ford has released their publication, Ford On Target 2017: Volume 2. Features of this volume include repair procedures, future technologies, and replacement parts availability. Let’s take a look at this issue of On Target.

The first article talks about replacing the front apron tube (upper rail) on the aluminum F-150 and Super Duty. They compare the aluminum procedure to the procedure done on the previous steel bodied F-Series. The new procedure is less invasive than the previous generation, and does not require removing the instrument panel. According to the article, both the F-150 and the Super Duty have many similarities. However, the upper rail replacement procedures have many differences. One of the biggest factors is the F-150 utilized a hydroformed aluminum upper rail, while the Super Duty uses a hydroformed HSLA-350 steel rail. Gerry Bonanni, Ford Senior Damageability Engineer, states in the article “Repairers are strongly advised to research the repair, that is probably the single strongest piece of advice I can give.”

Another piece that you don’t want to miss, Ford talks about current and future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). They touch on a current system, Pedestrian Detection, which is featured on several different Ford/Lincoln models, such as the 2017 Ford Fusion. This system utilizes a bumper-mounted radar and a windshield mounted camera to detect pedestrians while driving. They also, talk about future systems like Evasive Steering Assist and Wrong-Way alert. These systems are expected to start being utilized within the next two years. Finally, they announce that you can get replacement boxes and cabs for the F-150.

Go to Ford OEM Information or Lincoln OEM Information to easily access this publication. Click on the On Target link.

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