OEM-Approved Pigtail Connector Kit Resources: Nissan/INFINITI

OEM-Approved Pigtail Connector Kit Resources: Nissan/INFINITI

When confronted with a wiring harness repair, we often struggle finding the correct connector and pigtail repair kits. Often a specific connector may be used on multiple applications. If the connector is allowed to be replaced, what resources are available to locate approved wiring connector and pigtail repair kits? Let’s see what is available from Nissan/INFINITI.

Nissan/INFINITI has an online harness repair kit (HRK) website. To find this free resource:

  1. Go to techmatetools.com
  2. Click Harness Repair (left of webpage)
  3. Click Harness Repair Parts
  4. Click HRK Part List link (center of webpage)
  5. HRK opens in new window

The HRK website has different ways to locate a connector.

Note: Clicking on Connector Lookup (top left of webpage) or Back To Search will reset the page.

Option 1 - Vehicle Make/Model:

  1. Click Vehicle Make/Model radio button
  2. Select Make from dropdown
  3. Select Model from dropdown
  4. Select Year from dropdown

Option 2 - VIN:

  1. Enter vehicle identification number (VIN)
  2. Click Search

Options 1 and 2 display the available harness repair kits for the selected year, make and model of the vehicle.

Option 3 - Connector Type/Part No:

  1. Enter known part number
  2. Click Search

Option 3 displays the components which use that specific connector.

The search results will show connector component names, connector type, service kit part number, description of repair kit, color and cavities of the connector. This list can be filtered by color, cavities, or connector family.

Clicking on a connector row will open a new page with more information relating to that repair kit. This information will include, wire gauge, suggested solder sleeve, and needed tools for removal. The right side of the webpage will have links to General Repair Instructions, Tools and Connector Disassembly (connector specific video), and Required/Related Parts. These resources are helpful in preparation for an electrical related repair.

Seeing images can help verify that the correct part is being ordered. Videos to show disassembly will aid in proper removal and installation of a connector body or terminal wires. If a connector repair is needed, always refer to Nissan/Infiniti repair information prior to performing the repair.

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