Nissan/INFINITI Restraints Wiring: UPDATE

The question is often asked, "Can supplemental restraints system wiring be repaired?" The answer is: it depends on the vehicle maker. Let's take a look at Nissan and INFINITI position on this subject.

Per Nissan/INFINITI TechTalk summary document, TT Harness Repair Kit:

"Nissan/INFINITI now allow repairs to SRS connectors and wire overlays of most circuits. Wiring harness and connector repair procedures have been expanded to improve customer satisfaction by simplifying the repair of most electrical wiring harnesses, which is the preferred alternative to wiring harness replacement."

To Find the Nissan/INFINITI TechTalk summary:

  1. Log into either or
  2. Select View Technical Service Bulletins (top right corner of webpage)
  3. Select a Model from the dropdown (do not enter a year)
  4. Enter either "Wire" in the Including Keywords field
  5. Click Search
  6. Scroll down to TT Harness Repair Kit
  7. Click on the Eye icon (right side of webpage)

A General Harness and Connector Repair Procedure can be found on the Nissan/INFINITI service website for most late-model vehicles under Electronic Wiring Diagram (eWD). This procedure goes into detail on how to repair connectors and harnesses.

Per the Nissan and INFINITI General Harness and Connector Repair Procedure:

"SRS Connector Body: This repair is used when the root cause is related to an SRS connector body or terminal issue. SRS connectors can only be repaired by replacing the connector body pigtail assembly. Terminal repair is not available for SRS. Do not attempt to dissemble SRS connectors and is not an approved repair method."

To find the General Harness and Connector Repair Procedure for most late models:

  1. Log into either or
  2. Click on View Nissan Publications
  3. Select Service Manual from the Publication Type dropdown
  4. Select Model and Model Year
  5. Click Search
  6. Click on the Eye icon by the service manual (right side of webpage)
  7. Click eWD (top left corner of webpage)
  8. A new window opens
  9. Under Select Wiring Diagrams, click the Car icon
  10. Click on any wiring harness in the image
  11. Click on any connector callout in the harness
  12. Click blue link for Connector Lookup Website (left side of webpage)
  13. A new webpage opens
  14. Click blue link for Connector General Repair Instructions (upper right corner of webpage)
  15. Click Download to the left of General Harness and Connector Repair Procedure

For information on Nissan and INFINITI replacement and inspection items after a restraints deployment, go to the OEM Restraints System Part Replacement Search

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For INFINITI service information go to:

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