Did You Know 3M Has Standard Operating Procedures?

Have you ever wondered what steps you should take when using a specific 3M product to complete a repair procedure? Let’s take a look where you can find this information on the 3M Website.

The 3M collision website has an area of the website dedicated to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) called Collision Repair Application. There are several sections that include:

  • Aluminum Shop
  • Bumper & Plastic Repair
  • Heavy Duty Truck
  • Metal Shop
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Glass Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Paint Finishing & Detail
  • Seam Sealers & Coatings
  • Safety

3M’s How-To webpage has many categories of information and SOP’s for repair technicians to use. There are even some how-to-videos that you may find helpful.