Common Mistakes: Leveling Plungers

Sometimes it can be easy to forget some of the most minor steps in the application of products, especially if they are being used every day. One common mistake that is made during the repair process is not leveling the two-part adhesive cartridge plungers before the use of a product.

Each product has a specific mixing ratio. If this ratio is off in any way, it could potentially cause product failure. Leveling the plungers before use takes little time to do, and ensures a proper mixing ratio so that the product being used can cure correctly.

When should the cartridge plungers be leveled? They should be leveled prior to the first use, and also whenever you change nozzles. There could be product that is cured or partially cured at the base of the nozzle and into the cartridges. It is important to level between each use to discard any of the material that has begun to cure inside the product container.

Ultimately, making sure the product is mixed at the correct ratio will assist in achieving complete, safe, and quality repairs.

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