Repairer Driven News: ADAS Clear Vision

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are now common place on new vehicles. With these systems come many different factors to keep in mind. A recent article by Repairer Driven News (RDN) covers how with the more advanced technology, it may make things like panel fit-up and alignment more important than just for cosmetic reasons.

A key factor that the article pointed out was, “Meeting OEM tolerances and restoring a vehicle’s exterior appearance precisely might become even more important as automakers place more sensors and cameras on its surface.” Changes in panel gaps can not only affect airflow over the vehicle, but also make more dirt and debris cover the vehicle. Additional soiling of the vehicle can build up on cameras and sensors rendering them useless.

The complete article can be read on Repairer Driven News: Exa: Small Changes In Vehicle Exterior Can Clear Vision, ADAS Sensors, Cameras.

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