Honda Has Released The 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Body Repair News Bulletin

Honda has released the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Body Repair News bulletin. This document gives an overview on some of the new features in the 2018 Accord Hybrid that may cause changes in how the vehicle is repaired. It highlights the use of 1500 MPa steel in the B-pillar as a stiffener. Also, in the B-pillar, there is a region containing 560-695 MPa steel where Honda allows a sectioning procedure.

Honda also has implemented a different procedure for the roof attachment. The use of impact resistant adhesive, and a bolt on procedure is used when replacing the vehicle roof. Per Honda’s body repair information, "The roof on the 2018 Accord Hybrid is attached with weld bonding in the corners as well as laser brazing along both side apertures. Replacement will require adhesive bonding, weld bonding and the purchase of rubber dams and a bracket kit that need to be welded into the apertures so the new roof panel can be bolted to them."

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