Honda/Acura Keyword Search: Body Repair Manual

Honda and Acura use keyword searches to find repair information on the Service Express website. These keywords allow you to efficiently get to the repair information you are researching. When repairing a vehicle, Honda and Acura have made information on body repairs easily accessible with body repair manuals (BRM) at

To search a vehicle’s BRM, you first have to click the Service Info tab (top of webpage), then enter the year and model of the vehicle (upper left-hand corner of the website). Underneath the model and year dropdown, there is a Keyword Search box. Type “BRM” into the search bar and click on the Search button. If nothing appears on some of the older models, type out the words “body repair manual” to find the BRM. There will be year and model specific links to many different procedures within the body repair manual, as well as a link to the BRM itself. These links also include products and refinishing procedures for the vehicle you searched.

This is just one example of how keywords on the Honda and Acura Service Express website can take you directly to the repair information you need to achieve complete, safe, and quality repairs.

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