Trailer Assist Systems

You may have heard or seen some of the new features available for towing trailers. Some of the features include, trailer back-up assist and blind spot monitoring for trailers. These features can cause complications when it comes to collision repairs. Let’s take a look at how these systems can affect repairs.

Trailer back-up assist and blind spot monitoring for trailers use information that is entered by the consumer to know the length, width, number of axles, and type of trailer to control different systems. The problem arises when the battery is disconnected. The trailer profile can be lost and the information may need to be re-entered. If possible, information from trailer profiles should be recorded and then re-entered after the battery is reconnected.

However, for some of the systems, the trailer needs to be present in order to enter data and verify the system is functioning. For example, on trailer back-up assist, a sticker on the tongue of the trailer needs to be seen by the back-up camera in order to calibrate the system. This means that without the trailer being present and hooked up to the vehicle, the stored trailer profile can’t be updated. This information will need to be communicated to the consumer so they know the trailer back-up assist is not functioning.