Honda/Acura Outer Uniside Sectioning Joints

The age-old debate of what kind of sectioning joint should be used, on an outer uniside, seems never ending. One OEM says open-butt joint, others say butt joint with backing, and others use a lap joint. Some OEMs even require different sectioning joints within their product line. Honda/Acura has simplified this and now require the same joint type for every sectioning joint on an outer uniside.

Per our contact at Honda, "Considerations for GMA (MIG / MAG) welds include that GMA (MIG/MAG) open butt welds are an approved repair method for steel parts up to and including 780 MPa. Some Honda and Acura body repair manuals recommend a butt joint with backing when sectioning mild steel outer body panels only. A backing is not required for joint strength or quality. On newer models with thinner gauge outer panels, extra heat from preparing the backing may induce panel warping, so this practice is no longer recommended."

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