Didn't I Print That?

Have you ever printed a repair procedure only to find out that later on when you went to reference the information, it wasn't there? If so, most likely you discovered it the day after your short-term subscription expired, or it was for a procedure that was particularly difficult to find in the manual. You may have wondered if you did something wrong of if the procedure even exists.

This issue can occur on any website and isn't always predictable or repeatable. That is why it's a good idea to validate that what you see on the computer screen actually makes it to the paper. This is especially important on website were you have purchased a short-term subscription. During the blueprinting and documentation process, repair procedures are printed and saved for later use. Unfortunately, there are situations where you might not be getting all of the information that you thought you were. In fact, entire pages may be missing. When this happens, you can try to reprint the information, attempt to use a different browser (when applicable), you can also try to "select all" and then select "print", or you can take screen snapshots and print those. If there are specific repeatable instances where you are having trouble, let us know. Just Ask I-CAR and we will work with the vehicle maker on your behalf.